Delivering the full promise of calcium

What has calcium promised you? Strong bones? Healthy teeth? Improved blood pressure and circulation? What you may not know is that calcium carbonate, calcium citrate and other supplements don’t deliver the calcium as quickly or efficiently as FormiCal®.

Patented, award winning FormiCal® is water soluble. So, it absorbs calcium up to 3X faster. It’s important because the calcium you take is only as effective as the calcium you absorb. With FormiCal®, you get everything calcium has promised.

Are all calcium supplements created equal?

Other calcium


Does your calcium dissolve completely in water?

FormiCal® is 100% water soluble. The calcium carbonate and calcium citrate used in popular supplements are not dissolved in water and take longer to be absorbed by your body.

FormiCal ®


FormiCal® dissolves completely.

That’s thanks to calcium formate, our patented, organic compound. FormiCal® is specifically designed to completely dissolve and more quickly deliver the calcium in our supplement to your body for stronger bones and teeth.

Watch FormiCal® in action.

Our secret ingredient isn’t a secret. But that doesn’t mean you can get it just anywhere. Only FormiCal® offers patented calcium formate because it’s, well, patented. You’ve always wondered if that supplement you take is delivering on it’s promise. Well, now you can know for sure.

The Store

FormiCal® offers patented, award-winning calcium supplements that deliver the full promise of calcium! Our Bone Health products are offered in softgels and tablets. Our Bone & Heart softgel combines calcium with heart-healthy Omega-3's, plus magnesium, zinc and Vitamin K2.

Am I Getting Enough Calcium?